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Climate Action

The Jersey Youth Parliament have chosen Mental Health, Climate Action and Education Reform as areas to explore further. At six-month intervals the Jersey Youth Parliament will present their findings to members of the States Assembly for further discussion and consideration. 

This campaign is working in response to the Climate Emergency declared in 2019. The group feel passionate about local environmental issues, as well as problems shared globally, and are exploring the following key areas:

  • Responding to the recommendations made by the Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change
  • Reducing waste and recycling
  • Moving to sustainable transport

JYP 2021/22 Final Report Ministerial Feedback

Thank you very much to the Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Renouf for his very detailed feedback to our reports.

JYP 2021/22 Final Report and Recommendations

On the hottest day ever recorded, 18th July 2022, members of the JYP met for the final time to present their findings and recommendations to the newly elected States Assembly.  The presentation has been captured within this report.

JYP Statement on the Carbon Neutral Roadmap Debate

On 29th April States Members were asked to approve the Carbon Neutral Roadmap.  JYP handed over a statement to all States members ahead of the debate.

February Update

The climate change group prepared a video update which has been shared with the States Assembly. They put the questions below to the Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, and Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Young.

  • Prior to COP26 the Ministers pledged to ‘Put Children First’ in their response to the Climate Emergency. In the CYPES Business Plan 2022 there is no clear allocation of funding to do this. How will work started by the Carbon Road Map be supported by CYPES?
  • How has the youth perspective impacted on your decisions since our last presentation in September 2021?
  • Young people would like to recycle at school but there is no consistent approach across the island. Have the Infrastructure, Education and Environment Ministers met to pursue this following September’s commitment to do so?
  • Are there any examples of green architecture in Jersey? If so, can you tell us more about them?

The response the these questions can be found below:

JYP Response to the Carbon Neutral Roadmap Consultation

In 2019, the States Assembly declared a climate emergency. To allow the people of Jersey to have a say in how and when Jersey should become carbon neutral, a citizens assembly was formed. The group came up with recommendations that were then presented to the States Assembly. Members of the JYP were the first to see these recommendations at an event in June 2021. Members looked over these recommendations and provided a written statement to the Environmental Minister. The group looked into the recommendations further and when the roadmap consultation was open provided in depth feedback that can be found on the links below.

September Update

On 28th September 2021, the JYP presented to the States Assembly in the States Chamber. Following the presentation a report was compiled and can be read via the link below along with an easy read version in English and Polish.

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