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The JYP cohort 2022-2024 finished in March and we will be recruiting really soon for new members. Staff are visiting youth clubs and schools to promote JYP so look out for them.

Recruitment for 2024-2026

Keep an eye out on our social media for updates.

Little Parliament

We have weekly meetings for anyone in year 6 and 7 on Tuesday (4-6) at St James. These sessions are designed to be a stepping stone between the year 5 visits to the States Chamber and being able to join JYP. The sessions centre around different activities and discussions to develop confidence, team building, public speaking and knowledge of current affairs. Get in touch if you know anyone that would like to attend every week or the odd session.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

In response to feedback from our ‘Right to Play’ campaign survey, we have set up a weekly D n D Club. This is FREE for anyone in year 7 and above and takes place every Tuesday (6-9) at St James Centre.

For more information, contact: