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We have lots of things going on in 2024. Some things are open to members but others are open to anyone. If you would like any more info or wish to sign up to anything then please email Make sure to follow us on social media for updates.

JYP Meetings

Our current members meet every Monday at St James (4-6). If you would like to meet with any of our members then get in touch and you are most welcome to join a meeting.

Final Presentation

Our current members will be presenting to the States Assembly on 18th March (4-6). You will be able to watch online and we will post a link closer to the time.

Little Parliament

We have weekly meetings for anyone in year 6 and 7 on Tuesday (4-6) at St James. These sessions are designed to be a stepping stone between the year 5 visits to the States Chamber and being able to join JYP. The sessions centre around different activities and discussions to develop confidence, team building, public speaking and knowledge of current affairs. Get in touch if you know anyone that would like to attend every week or the odd session.

Each year we hold an event for year 6’s to bring together all primary schools to discuss matters that are affecting their age group and things they would like to see changed in Jersey. The 2024 event will be on 24th February. All schools have been invited but if you haven’t received the info please get in touch.

LeanIn Girls

We are excited to be running two ‘LeanIn Girls’ courses to kickstart the year. Lean In Girls is a leadership program that helps girls see themselves as leaders in a world that often tells them they’re not. We have one being run for year 7-9’s on Wednesdays (4-5:30) starting on 10th January. We will also be running one for Highlands College students every Thursday (4-5) starting on 11th January. Drop us an email to register for the really exciting FREE course. For more info on the programme check out their website.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

In response to feedback from our ‘Right to Play’ campaign survey, we have set up a weekly D n D Club. This is FREE for anyone in year 7 and above and takes place every Tuesday (6-9) at the Move On Youth Project, Liberty Wharf.

Debating Club

We are starting up a monthly debating club in 2024 open to anyone in secondary school. These will run our of St James Centre (7:00-8:30) and are FREE to join. We have them booked in for the following dates so far: 31st January, 28th February, 20th March, 22nd May and 26th June.

JYP Taster Days

Ahead of recruiting for new members, we will be running two activity days on April 9th and 11th. These will be open to anyone in year 7 and above who may be considering joining as a member and would like to see what it’s all about.

Recruitment for 2024-2026

We will be recruiting for new members throughout May and June with applications closing on 30th June. Look out for youth works in your school or youth project coming in to have a chat.

For more information, contact: