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Mental Health

Our group, ‘A step towards a better mind’, are campaigning to improve mental health in Jersey and hope to:

  • Improve mental health facilities
  • Improve services and care
  • Improve early prevention strategies
  • Improve education and awareness in schools

JYP 2021/22 Final report Ministerial Feedback

Many thanks to the Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Ina Gardiner for this very detailed feedback to our reports

JYP 2021/22 Final Report and Recommendations

On 18th July 2022, the JYP members met for the final time and presented their key findings and recommendations to the newly elected States Assembly.  The presentation has been captured within this report.

February Update

The mental health group prepared a video update which has been shared with the States Assembly. They put the following questions to the Assistant Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Trevor Pointon, who has responsibility for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services:

  • Is there anything that you are currently working on that we could support you with?
  • We are aware that there were 18 roles recently advertised for mental health professionals. Is there an update on if these have all been filled?
  • In light of the various causes of poor mental health that we have highlighted in young people, are you confident that funding is being spent in the right areas?

His response to these questions can be found here:

September Update

On 28th September 2021, the JYP presented to the States Assembly in the States Chamber. Following the presentation a report was compiled and can be read via the link below along with an easy read in English and Polish.

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